Why underlay matters

You can’t see it, you can’t touch it either, so why on earth would you spend money on carpet underlay?  A fair question, and one we do get asked from time to time.  As a company we always recommend installing new underlay with a new carpet, but why exactly?

Well, just like a house needs a solid foundation, or a car needs a strong chassis, so a carpet needs a good underlay.  Fundamentally speaking, it’s what’s going to make it last, it’s what’s going to keep it looking great for a lot longer.

Increasing carpet lifespan

So because it provides a protective barrier between floor and carpet, a quality carpet underlay can help extend the lifetime of a carpet by as much as 30% to 50%.  In effect it acts as a shock absorber, preventing the carpet pile from flattening and protecting it from wear and tear, particularly in high-traffic areas.

And while you’re right in saying that underlay itself does come with a long life expectancy, the older it gets, the less effective it becomes. So no matter how expensive or luxurious the carpet is on top, its overall look and feel will be affected by the state of the underlay beneath.

Importantly, that’s why the vast majority of carpet manufacturers’ product warranties can be invalidated if new underlay is not fitted with new carpet.  Another reason to replace underlay when replacing carpet.

But carpet underlay is not simply about increasing carpet lifespan. It brings with it many more very tangible benefits besides:

More comfort

It goes without saying but with an extra layer of cushioning below your feet your carpet underlay provides an extra level of comfort. It feels softer and bouncier underfoot, making your new flooring cosier and even more luxurious as a result.

Less noise

Particularly in a busy, high-traffic household, underlay also helps with soundproofing, from floor-to-floor and room-to-room.  By helping to absorb the shock of people walking, running or jumping… it can significantly reduce the noise of busy feet and the stresses and strains that go with it.


Importantly, a good carpet underlay also helps with insulating your house.  Think of the gaps between your floorboards, underlay helps block them up.  It helps keep the heat in your room and the drafts out. Just like quilts, underlays have tog ratings and they impact directly on energy efficiency at home.

Easier cleaning

And because underlay helps keep your carpet pile in tip-top condition, it also makes it easier to vacuum away the household dust and keep your new flooring looking clean and tidy.  At the same time though, underlay can over time be a harbour for dust and dirt, which is another reason to replace it when fitting new carpet, which might be spoilt otherwise.

And so for all these reasons and often many more, Avonvale Carpets believes that installing new underlay is an integral part of fitting new carpet.  Because it’s really worth the investment, and because to not replace it is a false economy.

And there’s lots of different underlays and thicknesses to choose from too, for both soft and hard flooring.  Whatever you carpet, your room or the amount of traffic it’s subject too, we’ll make sure you get the underlay you need.