Case study: a flooded basement

avonvale-carpets-bath-flooring-work-basement-combedown-lano 1

We are no strangers to floods in Bath – particularly with so many basements around. Here is a recent job completed for long-standing clients who experienced some flooding in an area we carpeted some years back, during a period of heavy rain.

They had previously had a 3-ply, 100% wool loop pile carpet which they loved the look and performance of, however, they wanted to move to a synthetic fibre for peace of mind against moths and easier cleaning.
After a few visits to the shop to explore options and borrow samples, the customer selected Corindo, a textured polyamide loop pile range from Lano Carpets, available in an impressive 23 shades ranging from bright primaries to subtle neutrals. Hoping to emulate the natural feel of their previous carpet, the client selected colour “Camel” – a soft wheat blended with a pale cream – to brighten up the area without it being too light and impractical for coming in from outside.
The nylon fibre is great for areas of high foot traffic and, in this instance, combined with a super high-density underlay and installed using the double stick method the range will stand up to wear and tear on both the flat areas and the stairs.
The project involved liaising with the client to allow time for a DPM to be applied around the edge of the floor and up the walls, which we had to bear in mind in our fitting plan; to ensure that the new DPM wasn’t compromised at all, we stuck the gripper rods and metal bars rather than pinning them as standard.
Avonvale Carpets. Beautiful flooring, fitted perfectly.