Wood flooring

Timeless natural beauty

The timeless natural beauty and texture of real wood flooring makes it an enduring choice for many homeowners.  There are two main types: solid wood and engineered wood.  Avonvale Carpets brings you the best of engineered wood, in a range of woods, colours and protective finishes.

As you will have probably guessed, solid wood flooring is manufactured by simply machining entire planks from a solid hardwood species, like oak for example.  As a result, it’s extremely durable flooring.  Installed correctly and looked after properly it can last generations.

Engineered wood on the other hand is made from multiple layers of wood glued and pressed together and finished with a veneer of hardwood.  Thanks to its structure, it’s more stable than solid wood so is a better choice in areas subject to changes in temperature and humidity, like bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories.  It can also be used with underfloor heating.

So if you’re thinking of a real wood floor, for any room in the house, pop into the shop to see our range of engineered wood flooring or call us on 01225 427 057 to find out more.

Avonvale Carpets is proud of its life-long relationships with high quality wood flooring manufacturers and distributors:

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Excellent range of flooring.Thoroughly professional and knowledgable team.Friendly and efficient.Used them a number of times and have always been totally satisfied with the results.Great service, excellent range of products and a friendly team is a winning combination.

Denis C