Measuring-up and estimating the cost of new flooring. Because you’re worth it!

Each and every time we’re asked to measure-up and provide a cost for new flooring we provide a carefully considered and calculated, all-inclusive estimate. It’s a proposal that aims to give you the best return on your investment i.e. an all-in solution that maximises the lifespan of your flooring, that keeps it looking at its best for longer.

Time intensive

And this can take a lot of time. Irrespective of knowledge and experience, accurately measuring-up a property for new flooring, and then estimating the total cost of supplying the flooring, the underlay to go with it, the gripper rods and door bars, is really time consuming. Plus we’ll also advise on any floor preparation that’s needed first, and that takes time and expertise too.

But, it’s an investment in time and effort that we’ve always seen as essential to doing the best job possible.  It’s a cost to us yes, but not to the customer. It’s never factored into our costing of the job. There’s no hidden charge. It’s our ‘intellectual property’ if you like that hopefully helps us to win the job in a highly competitive market.

Keeping it simple

So we provide an all-inclusive estimate with a fixed cost that reflects the true amount of flooring materials to be used and the real amount of fitting time.  We don’t break it down into individual room measurements, quantities of flooring per room, how much underlay and how many gripper rods we’re using in each area. We like to keep it as simple as possible for you.

Now occasionally, and I mean very occasionally, and which has happened quite recently (to prompt this very article), we are asked to provide quite a detailed breakdown of an estimate that we’ve provided.

A prospective customer decides that they want to get a couple of comparative quotes to make sure they’re getting good value for money. This is perfectly natural. New flooring can often be the biggest investment in the home, so it makes sense.

The challenge

Now while it’s always very hard to say ‘no’ to any customer request, this is one occasion where we feel we have to. Only by saying ‘no’ can we ensure that a prospective customer is presenting a fair and level playing field to all our fellow retailers and fitters that are being asked to provide a costing.

Providing competing firms with what would effectively be a detailed line-by-line bill of materials to quote against simply means they can avoid all the time and effort involved in measuring-up, determining the best solution and calculating all the quantities of material that’s required.

To be fair and even to all firms involved, each has to be obligated to invest a similar degree of attention into your new flooring job. They each have to take the measurements, double check them and then input their own knowledge, experience and intellectual property to arrive at a figure. Only then do you know that each cares as much as the next, knows what they’re doing and wants to provide you with the best possible job.

But really? How hard can it be?

Well, there really is a right way and a wrong way of measuring-up and estimating. Irregular shaped rooms with alcoves, recesses, wardrobes and doorways; hallways and landings of all shapes and sizes; staircases with mid-landings, winder stairs and maybe a bullnose step or two – they each have their own different measuring methodologies.

Plus there’s a whole lot of other factors to consider at the same time. Carpet for example comes on 4- or 5-metre wide rolls, so we also need to be doing our best to minimise any wastage. Maintaining the continuity of repeated patterns and stripes also needs to be factored in. Any joins need to be kept to the absolute minimum.  And what about those wany walls? etc. etc.

And then what about underlay, what material and thickness is best for the flooring that sits on top? And what about grippers, should they be nailed or glued to the floor that’s beneath? And depending on the type and thickness of the flooring what length of gripper pin is best?

Underlay and grippers play a vital role in maximising the performance and lifespan of new flooring – so they both have to be right too.

So it really does take a lot of time and effort to measure and estimate correctly, it takes in-depth knowledge and experience that’s learnt over decades. It ensures that for each job, for each room, just the right amount of flooring materials are supplied. This then has real value, and a cost too.

And this we’re prepared to invest in you – because you’re worth it.

To discuss your next new flooring project pop into the shop and talk to Avonvale Carpets.  We look forward to meeting you soon.