A showcase for British wool carpet

Avonvale Carpets is proud to be one of the first retailers in the country to introduce a dedicated British Wool point-of-sale display. Created by British Wool (formerly the British Wool Marketing Board) this new stand is designed to champion the use of British wool in carpets and the farmers that produce this amazing natural fibre.

The British Wool Collection stand provides a great opportunity for customers to literally get hands-on with the different types of sheep’s wool used in British wool carpets and to learn about its benefits. And there’s plenty of them too.  It’s fire resistant, hard wearing, easy to care for, sustainable and hypoallergenic too. And there’s more besides…

The new stand also introduces three of our favourite British manufacturers, Alternative Flooring, Brintons and Brockway, along with a wide variety of different wool carpets they produce.  This includes a recently expanded Herdwick range from Brockway that has added a twist, herringbone flat-weave and softer loop products.

It’s yours to discover at our Kingsmead Square shop in Bath.