Recycled and recyclable, eco-friendly underlay is born

We’re pleased to announce that our long time manufacturing partner Tredaire has introduced the world’s first sustainable recycled carpet underlay.  Called renu®, it uses responsibly sourced materials and at its end of life can be recycled into new rolls of underlay, helping to keep waste out of landfill.

Tredaire said, “We’ve used consumer product waste like car tyres and plastic bottles in the manufacture of our underlay for many years.  But we felt we could go further and set out with the objective to achieve 100% in the manufacture and after life of a range of high quality underlay.”

“Striving for this full circle of ‘no waste’ has culminated in the launch of renu, the most sustainable and ethically produced carpet underlay we’ve ever produced.”

Avonvale Carpets’ Co-Director Paul Ivory said, “For many years we’ve been asked by customers about the possibility of a recyclable underlay, so it’s something we’ve long enquired about and advocated.  It’s good to see it finally arrive.”

“And it’s reassuring to read the results of Interfloor’s initial market research among UK homeowners.  It clearly shows that there’s a real appetite for products that treat the plant with more kindness and that many consumers want to do their bit for the environment.”

Key findings from Tredaire’s UK research showed that:

  • 88% would choose an underlay that is recycled/recyclable over one that isn’t
  • 91% of respondents consider if a product can be recycled to be important
  • 86% of respondents worry about the amount of waste going to landfill
  • 99% of respondents recycle some if not all of their household waste
  • ‘Can be recycled at end of life’ is ranked most important when choosing any product for the home

Also developed with superior comfort in mind, renu’s core is made from high-density reclaimed soft furnishing foam and has a thickness of 9mm.  This in turn helps protect the pile of the carpet above from premature wear, ensuring carpets last longer.

This also means that renu has a high tog rating, making it a great insulator, helping to keep the house warm, save energy and keep noise down.  And because renu is made in the UK, it helps reduce carbon emissions, by reducing international shipping.

To find out more about Tredaire’s renu underlay, pop into the Avonvale Carpets shop on Kingsmead Square in Bath.  We look forward to meeting you.