LVT: a whole lot more than just hard flooring

lvt more than hard flooring avonvale

Hardwood, natural stone and ceramic tile floors are timeless and beautiful, there’s no doubt.  Unfortunately they can though exceed many a budget.  As an increasingly popular alternative, ‘LVT’ or ‘luxury vinyl tiles’ are providing super stylish hard flooring solutions for a fraction of the cost and with a lifetime warranty too.

And no, please don’t be put off by that good old-fashioned word ‘vinyl’ either.  LVT is a whole world away from the simple PVC vinyl flooring and ‘lino’ of the last century.  Rather than a big sheet, it comes in the form of handy planks and tiles, it’s even more hardwearing and looks and feels amazing.

Very accurately capturing the texture and detail of natural flooring materials, today’s LVT products authentically replicate all kinds of different wooden and stone tiled floors.  Teak, oak or walnut, marble, sandstone or slate, and a lot more besides.  The choice of colours and designs really is stunning.

And compared to floors of real wood, stone or ceramic, LVT floors are actually more resilient.  Their multi-layer vinyl, fibre glass and polyurethane construction not only protects against scuffs, stains and impact, it also makes the flooring moisture resistant.  So (with the correct floor preparation) it’s suitable for any room in the house, including bathrooms and kitchens.

What’s more, LVT can also offer you a lot more comfort too.  Its heat insulation properties means it’s always warm to the touch (unlike hardwood, stone or ceramic).  Its sound insulation properties bring improved sound-proofing and better room acoustics.  It can be used with underfloor heating, and it provides slip resistance as well.

So luxury vinyl tiles (and planks) offer you far more than just an easy-to-clean, hygienic and low maintenance hard flooring solution, they offer a lot more benefits besides.  So if your budget won’t extend to natural hard flooring but you want a higher quality finish than a vinyl sheet or laminate can bring, then take a look at LVT.

At Avonvale Carpets we offer our customers what we consider to the very best in British LVT: the Select, Natural and Stonework ranges from Westex, the Natural Solutions range from Furlong, and the Vintage Parquet and Italian collections from Distinctive Flooring.  There’s an LVT to match every decorating scheme, contemporary or classic.

Pop into the shop to see them, you won’t be disappointed.

Image courtesy of Distinctive Flooring.