How to find your perfect match

Avonvale Carpets

When looking to add a new style or colour for your walls, carpets are probably the last thing on your mind. But being savvy with your floor could quite easily be the way to turn a nice room into a showstopper.

While you may think matching your carpet with your wallpaper is all about complimenting colours – this is far from the truth. Yes, colour is an important factor when choosing an ideal carpet, but so too is tone, texture and practicality.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a carpet to match a wallpaper.

Look with your eyes but also your hands

Adding a dash of texture to a room can stop your dream design looking sterile but adding too much texture can make a room look too busy. Considering carpet and wallpaper are the two most texture-heavy features in a room it’s important to find the right balance.

If your wallpaper is particularly patterned or embossed, it is likely that a more toned-down, tightly woven carpet would suit the room. If your wallpaper is plainer then it can be matched with a more textured, plush carpet to tie the room together.

Know your colour wheel

Think back to primary school when you were learning all about colours. We may know our primary and secondary colours but to be an ace at interior design you must know your tertiary colours and how they sit on a colour wheel.

A simple Google search will arm you with a colour wheel that will in turn put you in the know with what colours contrast well and what colours complement each other.

A basic rule of thumb is to pick colours that are close together on the wheel and they will be a good match. Equally colours directly opposite to each other on the wheel will look bold…but in a good way.

Now, only you know whether you’re brave enough to match a violet carpet with yellow walls but if anyone dares to question your style knowledge you can show them the colour wheel.

Be sure to get a sample…or five

This may be obvious but so many buyers insist on purchasing a carpet based on what they see in the showroom.

With brighter lighting, wider space and not to mention plainer walls, the shop is in no way comparable to the home setting and so what you see may not be what you get.

Be sure to take samples home with you to compare with your wallpaper and to see what the carpet looks like in morning, evening and artificial light.

Carpet is more permanent than wallpaper

It’s no secret that carpet is more of an investment than wallpaper and so with this in mind carpet should take the leading role in your décor plans. If you’re happy with the carpet, the wallpaper can follow.

It’s good thinking to choose a carpet that will ‘go’ with an array of different wallpaper designs and colours, this will allow you to change up your room when you fancy, without it costing a lot. After all, millennial pink may be hot in 2017, but a fashion faux pas in 2018.

When you can’t find the perfect match, why not try tailor-made?

“Tailor-made!” We hear you squirm, “but that’s so expensive!”

Actually, it’s cheaper than you think. If your search for the right carpet is throwing up blanks then getting a custom design may be the answer.

Avonvale Carpets offer just such a service. They give their customers the opportunity to choose from hundreds of classic and contemporary designs and the chance to specify the exact colour palette they want.

Once customers have selected their design and colour, Avonvale provide a high quality image of how the custom carpet will look. If you’re not happy, they will do it again, until they’re satisfied. They even offer a ‘hand-trial’ of the carpet so clients can touch and feel a sample of the carpet before it’s manufactured.


This article first appeared in the Bath Chronicle Weekend Magazine 23rd November 2017