Why a carpet shop when I can buy from a fitter?

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It’s not a question we’re asked too often, but one we’re always glad to answer.  Yes, some self-employed fitters can supply a carpet as well as fit it well, but the similarity with the service provided by an independent retailer like Avonvale Carpets really ends there.

While it goes without saying that a positive customer response, a competitive price and an attractive lead-time should be a given, there are many more factors to consider.  Buying any type of new flooring for your home is an occasional purchase, but can be a big investment too, so you want to get it right.

So in answering the question, ‘Why buy from a carpet shop when I can buy from a fitter’, we recommend you consider at least the following:


Since the vast majority of quality carpet manufacturers won’t deal with self-employed fitters directly, the choice of carpet they can offer is limited.  Without a premises or a VAT number, fitters are simply unable to open accounts with them.

This is a problem a high-street carpet shop doesn’t have.  Avonvale has strong, long-term relationships with all of the major flooring manufacturers, and we’re a founding member of Carpet 1st, one of the UK’s leading flooring buying groups.

So the choice we offer in the shop is second to none, making it much easier for you to find that perfect shade and texture to match your home décor.


What you can also be sure of when buying from a well-established carpet shop like Avonvale Carpets is expertise.  Having supplied and fitted all kinds of different flooring for almost 50 years, you can rest assured we know what we’re doing.

We understand the qualities and performance of all the carpets we sell and fit.  We know where it should be used, where it shouldn’t be used, what vacuum cleaner to use etc.  So we can give you all the advice you need to make a better-informed purchase decision.

The Avonvale Carpets team actually brings a combined flooring experience of more than 80 years, which is pretty hard for a self-employed fitter to compete with on his own.


It goes without saying that carpet fitting is a real and invaluable skill, but it’s really not easy for you to judge just how skilled and experienced a self-employed fitter really is.  Ideally, you’d view his previous work, speak to a few of his customers perhaps.  You might not have the time though.

And it’s another key reason why many prefer to buy from a shop.  At Avonvale Carpets for example, we only work with trusted self-employed carpet fitters from the local area.  We know their work, we know they can deliver the quality our customers need.  They’re effectively hand-picked by us.

More than that though, we also know which fitters to assign to which jobs.  Our fitters are all highly-skilled, but they can also have particular specialisms too, say in natural carpets, wooden or vinyl flooring.  So we make sure the right fitter’s doing the right job.

And if we feel that additional training on new products is needed along the way, then we’ll also send fitters on training courses.  They gain, we gain, our customers gain.  Carpet fitting is a skilled profession and we all benefit from raising standards.


Of course once your carpet’s been fitted, you’ll also want to know that if any problems arise then you’ll be able to sort them out.  If a flaw is discovered in the carpet; if a carpet needs re-stretching; if a doorbar needs replacing etc. you’ll want it fixed.

Of course with a high-street shop like Avonvale Carpets, you’ll always know where we are.  You can always call in and there’s always a landline to ring and someone to speak to.  You can be certain your problem will be solved as efficiently as possible.

And this level of commitment to the customer, that’s actually written into our published Personal Guarantee is a further key differentiator to be aware of.  Plus we’re bound by the requirements of the Trading Standards Institute as a member of the Carpet 1st Foundation.

It’s that extra peace-of-mind you need when investing in carpet, making it even easier and risk-free.

So if you’re ever faced with making a choice between independent carpet retailer or self-employed fitter for the supply and fitting of carpets, our advice is don’t just go by the price and delivery.

Think of the breadth of choice, the level of experience and expertise, the quality of fitting and the assurances you have.  Fitting a carpet can be a big investment, it has to be right.