May COVID19 Update – Temporary Hours etc.

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From Monday 18th May we will be reopening for shorter hours (10am-3pm) and by appointment.

Manufacturers have yet to confirm their production and deliveries but being part of a Premier Buying Group (and with Paul being on the Board of this Group) we are already in discussion with our suppliers.

We are dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of our staff and customers, and we will be observing the Government guidelines regarding Social Distancing, hand sanitising etc.

As such certain measures have been put into place to enable safe working processes for all parties involved:

Shop Visits

Our shop has undergone a thorough clean, and hand sanitising provisions put in place to ensure it is a safe environment for visitors and staff. Please bear in mind that:

  • Social distancing recommendations (maintaining a minimum gap of 2m/ 6.5ft between persons) must be adhered to at all times and avoid social contact.
  • The number of individuals permitted in-store at one time is currently limited. You may wish to book an appointment to avoid a wait time. Please ring our doorbell upon arrival and a member of staff will assist you.
  • Visitors are asked to sanitise their hands when entering the premises. This can be done at our sanitising stations, or other handwashing facilities available.
  • Please avoid handling samples/ books unnecessarily and leave any you handle out so that they can be sanitised after use.
  • We are not currently loaning samples; however, these can be brought out to measures – please try to limit your selection with this in mind.
  • Avoid paying with cash or cheque, and instead pay by card (in-person or via phone) or via bank transfer to reduce contact.

Fitting/ Measuring

Our staff have been provided with appropriate PPE, sanitising tools and training to enable them to complete their work safely, but we would also ask that customers assist with this by:

  • Following social distancing recommendations (and maintaining a minimum gap of 2m/ 6.5ft between persons) at all times, avoiding social contact.
  • Waiting in a separate room or area of the property whilst measure/ fitting is being completed.
  • Leaving internal doors open, if possible, to limit unnecessary contact with door handles etc.
  • If allowable please leave windows of rooms to be fitted open to encourage airflow.
  • Ensuring that any furniture to be moved by fitters has been sanitised appropriately prior to their arrival.

It is the responsibility of our customers to ensure that they (and their household) are fit and healthy before visiting our premises and prior to measuring/ fitting appointments. Should you have any concerns about this please contact us to discuss prior to your visit or in advance of any booking you may have with us.

Acceptance of an estimate and/or appointment indicates your agreement to the conditions outlined above. Our full COVID19 risk assessment and working practice policies are available upon request.

We look forward to seeing you again soon….