Tailor-made is the way to go

Avonvale Carpets Bath

Sometimes you have a vision for your décor and no matter how hard you search for the right carpet to tie in, the perfect colour or pattern remains allusive.

While many may just compromise for something that’s ‘close enough’, there is a much better option – customising your own.

Having a carpet tailor made to your own specifications is easier than you think and not so expensive either.

At Avonvale Carpets of Bath, the team give you the opportunity to choose from hundreds of classic and contemporary carpet designs and to specify the exact colour palette you want.

That means you can create your own bespoke carpet for a minimum size of only 20 square meters – and it couldn’t be simpler.

You select the design and colours, they provide you with a high quality image clearly showing how your custom carpet will look. If you’re not happy, they’ll do it again, until you’re satisfied.

It all starts with a consultation. Usually a customer comes in to the store with a design that they like off the shelf but they would like it in a different colour, or one selected from the store’s manufacturer catalogues with hundreds of designs/ colour options.

The customer will then be given a colour palette to choose from and within 24 hours a PDF version of their bespoke carpet is sent to them.

Once the customer is happy with the look, a ‘kibby’ is produced. A kibby is a real-life sample approximately nine to 12 inches. This allows customers to see the carpet’s true colour and what it will look like in their room.

A customer’s first kibby is “free” with further samples charged at around £25 to £50.

When the customer is happy with the Kibby, they will then confirm their order.

Tailor-made carpets are made of woven wool and there is a guarantee that no-one else will have the same design – once a unique colour and pattern scheme has been agreed, no other retailer can offer this to their customers.

While you may be thinking tailor made means high price, the service can be cheaper than buying top quality off of the shelf.

You may also be thinking that tailor made carpets will take a long time to be installed but it’s probably not as long as you think. From order to full fitting usually takes around four to six weeks.

For more information about your tailor made options call Avonvale Carpets on 01225 427 057 or visit https://www.avonvalecarpets.co.uk/tailor-made/


This article first appeared in the Bath Chronicle Weekend Magazine 7th December 2017