Faux sisal carpet. A practical alternative

People like sisal carpets because they’re made from natural fibres, because their rough texture and irregularities bring a relaxed feel, and makes a bit of an eco statement too.  Many though are still wary of sisal’s practicality. Happily there are faux sisal alternatives to consider.

Our longstanding manufacturing partners Alternative Flooring and Unnatural Flooring are among the first in the country to develop a synthetic sisal lookalike carpet that retains all the look and feel of sisal but which removes sisal’s inherent weaknesses when laid in busy, high-use areas…

Simply put, without application of a polymer–based protector, natural sisal carpets will be susceptible to water-marking and stains. And if the protector isn’t reapplied over time, then the carpet will be vulnerable to wear and tear.  Comfort can be a factor too, with some saying that it can become a little coarse and uncomfortable to walk or sit on.

So the faux sisal alternatives are deliberately made of 100% polypropylene in a woven, Wilton construction. They have all the appearance and texture of natural sisal, but they’re more comfortable, fully washable, even bleach cleanable at a 10% dilution.  They’re water marking and stain resistant and can also be used with underfloor heating.  What’s more, they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

And the choice of designs and colours in these washable faux sisal carpets really is quite stunning.  Classic and tight boucle weaves, herringbone and tiger weaves, stripe and rope weaves – there really is a style and shade for every room in the house.

There’s more too.  A unique woven vinyl alternative from Unnatural Flooring provides all the look and feel of tightly woven natural sisal while being waterproof, slip-resistant and extremely hard wearing at the same time.  Again, the choice of colours and textures is endless.

And man-made sisal carpets are not just for busy homes either. Many products have contract ratings for wear, so are also used in all kinds of commercial settings, including hotels, offices, restaurants and shops.

So if you do want all the look and feel of natural sisal, but don’t want the worries, then pop in the shop and we’ll show you the faux sisal alternatives.  We think you’ll like them – naturally.