Wool carpets

Looking better for longer

Durability, resilience, comfort and safety - there’s very few natural fibres that can claim as many advantages as wool. For the best woolen carpets, the humble sheep really does deserve our gratitude…

Wool’s natural crimp means wool carpets resist compression and keep their bounce. They reduce tracking and shading, pilling and fluffing. What’s more, wool has in-built resistance to staining and soiling, it’s fire resistant too.

The popular 80/20 blending of wool and man-made fibres has more than proved its value; creating beautiful wool carpets that really can last a lifetime. Twist pile or textured loop pile, a multitude of colours and patterns, they’re all here for you to see.

Put simply, a quality wool carpet from Avonvale Carpets of Bath will look better for longer. It’s the ultimate statement of style and comfort. Beautiful flooring. Fitted perfectly.

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