Carpet underlay

Giving your carpet the support it needs and maximizing your comfort

If we list just some of the benefits of carpet underlay, it’s clear why it’s such a vital component when installing a new carpet:

  • Underlay enhances the comfort of the carpet underfoot
  • It reduces the noise within the room and the room below
  • Providing an additional layer of insulation, it minimises heat loss through floorboards and minimises under floor drafts
  • By absorbing impact, it helps prolong the lifetime of your new carpet

That’s why, at Avonvale Carpets, Bath we always recommend new underlay, and take great care in specifying the right type for your room and carpet. It’s also important to note, that to meet new carpet performance guarantees, carpet manufacturers expect new underlay to be fitted.

While underfloor heating certainly benefits greatly from a rubber underlay’s air-filled waffle shape for circulating heat, in most cases we specify eco-friendly polyurethane (PU). We do not offer foam underlays, which are prone to crushing and disintegration.

Characterised by greater memory properties, our PU underlay will maintain its bounce for longer, giving your carpet the support it needs while maximizing your comfort. A higher tog rating also means it’s a fantastic insulator.

And it’s not only made from recycled material, the underlay itself can be recycled once it’s retired from service. Traditional combination wool/hair felt underlays are also available. Trust Avonvale to stay at the forefront of underlay technology.

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