Stain resistant carpets

Making accidents easier to clean up

If you have floors that just seem prone to accidental spillages and everyday mess, then stain resistant carpets might well be what you’re looking for.

Whether it’s red wine, orange juice or crayon, grown-ups, children or pets, a high quality stain-resistant, colour-fast carpet from Avonvale Carpets of Bath will make cleaning up quicker, easier and risk-free.

Generally made from naturally stain resistant polypropylene fibre, coated in a stain inhibitor, a carpet that’s labeled as ‘stain resistant’ will help you avoid having to replace carpets prematurely, making it an attractive, cost effective option for many areas of the home.

And we’ve a great selection of stain resistant carpets for you to choose from too. Plain, striped, mottled, in a variety of different colours, you’ll find them all at Avonvale Carpets, Bath. Beautiful flooring. Fitted perfectly.

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