Natural carpets

Bringing wonderful texture into a home

Bringing so much wonderful texture into a home, natural carpets both look and feel great. They can bring a whole new dimension to interior design and make a big, almost architectural statement.

Avonvale Carpets of Bath is a true specialist in the supply and fitting of a complete range of natural flooring.

Made from fibres created by nature and crafted by hand, natural carpets come in four very distinct types:

  • Coir, from coconut husks
  • Jute, harvested from the tiliaceae plant
  • Seagrass, grown in saltwater marshes
  • Sisal, from the tropical agave plant

We supply and fit the carpets ‘double stuck’ with the necessary underlay backing or as made-to-measure bordered rugs.

What’s more, since a natural carpet is an absorbant product, we also offer you the option of pre-treating the carpet with a long lasting stain inhibitor.

Come in and see our great selection of natural carpets. Beautiful flooring. Fitted perfectly.

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